We offer three plans to meet your needs, a 6 Month Personal Plan, a 1 Year Personal Plan, and a Business Plan.  Please keep reading to find more information about each plan.

6 Month Personal Plan:  If you need to send out a batch of eCards for a certain event or season, a short term membership might be the right one for youFor just $ 10, you can send eCards and access our downloads for six months.  After the membership has expired it will renew automatically or you may cancel if the service is no longer needed.   This plan offers a low cost option to send good wishes on a special occasion or holiday to the people you care about.  If sending eCards and accessing downloads is something you want to have available year round, we recommend signing up for our 1 Year Personal Plan.

1 Year Personal Plan:  Our most popular plan.  At just $ 18 per year, a Personal Plan will meet the needs of most eCard senders.  Offering full access to every design in our collection and send-outs of up to 1,000 eCards per month plus full access to downloads, most members will find that this plan meets their needs.  Small businesses who send batches of less than 1,000 cards per month may also choose this plan.  If you need to send eCards to very large groups of people at a time, we recommend signing up for our Business Plan.

Business PlanOur Business Plan is the best choice for businesses, congregations or schools who manage mailing lists of over 12,000 or who send out batches of cards that add up to over 12,000 sends each month.  Allowing up to 12,000 send-outs per month, this is the go-to plan for Rabbis or their office administrators to send holiday greetings or event reminders to massive email lists.  This plan offers full access to every eCard and Download design in our collection, including a selection of Student Awards for schools.  Keep on top of your mailing list with this great plan for only $ 100 per year.  This plan is associated with a single email address and password.  We recommend signing up under your businesses' main email account if multiple employees will be sending out eCards from your business.  At this time, we do not offer any plans that can be used with more than one email address.

Note: In order to use services through Jewish eCards, you must be thirteen (13) years of age or older.  We strongly encourage parents and guardians to supervise the activity of all children under the age of eighteen (18) when using the Internet.

Still have questions about which plan is right for you?  Please email us at ....