About Us

Our Story

Jewish eCards & More came into being because two friends, Charisse "Chashia" Smoller
 and Jenelle "Hadassah" Close desired to bring more chessed (kindness) into the worldnby making it easier for people to reach out to others.  The idea is that by sharing eCards we can celebrate, laugh, love, mourn, pray, encourage, or congratulate each other in ways that recognize Jewish wisdom, values, and humor!  We’ve loved every minute of our journey and hope that no matter what the season of your life you can find the perfect Jewish eCard to let the people in your life know you care.

Why Us?

Not only is Jewish eCards & More the only website that offers eCards for every Jewish Holiday and milestone event, but we are also unique in the style of cards we offer. Many of our cards display handmade original artwork and our talented writers have crafted heartfelt, as well as humorous messages to display with the dynamic artwork and photography.
Check out our Artist's page to find out more about the artwork featured on this site.

Life is a journey and a gift from above. We hope that Jewish eCards & More will help make your journey a more meaningful and spiritual one. May your dreams and your life be blessed by the One Above!

Our Vision
Jewish eCards & More vision/mission is to make the world a better place by inspiring others through spiritual, inspirational, and meaningful eCards & downloads.

We are dedicated to promoting and preserving Jewish history, ideas, culture, spirituality, humor, wisdom and values while also celebrating the unique beauty of contemporary Jewish-themed art and ideas, keeping Judaism relevant to the 21st Century.

*Note: ?Our staff does not answer questions before and on a Jewish holiday or the Sabbath.  Please check our calendar for Jewish holidays.??

What have we done so far?

Our small staff has designed hundreds of eCards, student awards, gift tags, and other fun and useful downloads to be enjoyed by our members. We have tried hard to make the site user-friendly.  We pray for success so we will be able to add more features - we have a lot of ideas and want to share new things with our members.?

We wish to thank Jabico Entreprises for all the dedicated work they have done for this amazing website and we look forward to working with them again in the upcoming phases of our development. 

We also wish to thank Pixel Planets for the stunning logo design of the tree of life inside a Star of David.
We also wish to thank Hebrew Free Loan from San Francisco for giving me a loan that helped pay for our legal. We have since paid the loan off but were grateful for receiving their help.

In addition, we are grateful for the help of all of our sponsors and the tireless efforts of our thoughtful volunteers, especially Rabbi Yosef Levin,
Shaliach of Chabad of Palo Alto, CA and Pam Machefsky.

From Charisse

I wish to thank my hubby Norman Smoller for being my good friend, hanging in there with me and being so supportive of what I am doing.

I dedicate this site and all the purple eCards to the memory of my mom "Cece" Tzvia Bat Mordechai zt'l. I also dedicate the site to my tatti (father) Avraham Chaim Ben Moshe, and to the memory of my younger brother Mordechai Ben Avraham Chaim.